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About Us

Committed To Create A Masterpiece, Since 1990

With this determination, Mr. Karta founded a workshop in Surabaya, and that was the birth of Agung Keramik. By guiding and training a few ceramics craftsmen from scratch, Mr. Karta started to produce various ceramics dinnerware with high quality, that did not break or chip easily so it was perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, or cafes, where they would go through various hands and must be washed several times a day.

After Agung Keramik workshop started its operations, Mr. Karta began to approach various hotels and restaurants to offer his products. Even though he didn’t immediately succeed, Agung Keramik started to receive various orders from the HORECA (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) industry in various cities, not just Jakarta and Surabaya. And for 30 years, Agung Keramik has become the number one choice for many franchises, chain restaurants, and reputable hotels because not only does Agung Keramik produce beautifully-designed products, but also of the highest quality.

From 2017 onwards, Agung Keramik has expanded its wings and started to reach online marketplace to respond to the digital age. And since then, Agung Keramik has a new mission to provide home decor inspiration for your home. Whether it’s dinnerware, tea sets, dining sets, or even pots for houseplants and flower vases, everything can be purchased at quite an affordable price. Furthermore, Agung Keramik has also reached various e-commerce sites such as Tokopedia and Shopee, as well as opening its showroom in Bintaro Sektor 9 to commercial visitors.

Despite the changing times, Agung Keramik’s mission remains the same. Always creating beauty with the highest quality.


to unlock inspirations that can brighten homes, and the HORECA industry by providing products with the highest quality.


Creating high quality ceramics products with beautiful designs that are long-lasting and inspiring

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